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The International Cilento Film Festival is presented by the Cilento Film Association.

The Cilento Film Association is proposed as a reference point for cinema and audiovisual operators.

Non-profit has, among its objectives, that of spreading the cinematographic and audiovisual culture.

It intends to favor and encourage the culture of the "network", of sharing and comparison, in order to contribute to the cultural, social and economic development of the Cilento and Salerno area, through cinema and audiovisuals in all their forms, expressions, genres and languages.

It has a cultural, social utility, territorial promotion, training and professional updating character. The Association also intends to propose itself to promote intercultural exchanges with productions from other nations to explore new intellectual, creative and artistic fields.

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Our cultural mission aims to encourage research and study in the field of film, television and documentary art with particular reference to new languages, innovative works and the use of new technologies applied to moving images.

It aims to encourage dialogue between filmmakers and artists from every country and nation in the world, recognizing cinema and audiovisual, in all its forms, as a democratic language useful for the encounter between different cultures, peoples and religions.

It aims to increase the critical awareness on the part of the younger generations, towards moving images, promoting social and educational value. Culture represents growth and the resources allocated to this sector constitute a strategic opportunity for all-round development.

We are sure that culture and cinema represent a winning combination for the formation of personality, from every point of view.

Our Mission is to spread a healthy concept of Cinema, both in practice and in the knowledge of its different forms of artistic expression, through a festival with international significance.

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The Cilento Film Association is characterized by promoting and enhancing the territory in Italy and abroad, through festivals, training, research, study and experimentation in the cinematographic and audiovisual field.

To create the right conditions to favor the sharing and free exchange of knowledge and culture in the cinema sector, as well as to give impetus to all initiatives aimed at promoting the cultural growth of the public in general.

The Association proposes itself as the only reference to protect, enhance, safeguard and encourage the development and enjoyment, by the public, of the film heritage of film libraries, cinema clubs, media libraries, associations, collectors and public and private archives, present in the area. of the Province of Salerno and when useful for the achievement of the social aims, also elsewhere

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